Tuesday, December 16


Guam QuarterThe US Mint has unveiled the chosen design for the Guam quarter which will be released next year. It's not the elegant tourist-enticing design I voted for. But it's functional. ~ link

Is Google ever going to do anything with GrandCentral? No new information since April! ~ link

BYD, a Chinese car company has "unveiled a new electric car with a plug-in battery that's supposedly two years ahead of the competition." The first wave of exports will go to Scandinavia next year. ~ link

Yesterday was my father's last day of work -- retired for about the 3rd time -- or is it 4th? I can't keep track.

Kirk arrived this evening from San Francisco. Betsy arrives on Guam on the 23rd.

"You've been served" -- via Facebook? ~ link

Tim Friend, a friend from Turlock days, and pastor of the Denair Friends Church, had some former PIBCers visiting. ~ link

Another friend from Turlock days, Phil "the bishop" Danielson, retired Covenant pastor, has died. Phil was a servant of Christ -- and a great guy -- never lacking an opinion. Perhaps that's why we got along. I could understand where he was coming from. ~ link

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Justin said...

"The US Mint has unveiled the chosen design for the Guam quarter..."

It might not attract tourists, but I bet it'll be a catalyst to educate Americans that Guam exists.

'What's this!? Gwaa-uhm? What state is Gwahm?!'