Wednesday, January 7


And on top of it all there is an asphalt shortage. ~ link

Sonicflood is coming to serenade Guam, 7 p.m. Saturday, January 24th at the St Paul Christian School soccer field. ~ info

USA Today is planning a $5 edition to stimulate their corporate economy and to commemorate the inauguration of Barack Obama. (I finally added "Barack" and "Obama" to my spell check dictionary -- I guess he's going to continue to be in the news for awhile.) ~ link

Bill Kinnon and friends have launched "Missional Tribe" -- a new social networking site. One of the first things they've done is put up a video conversation between Ed Stetzer and David Fitch. This will be some great fodder for my discipleship class this semester. Bill does such a great job with the video. This is not your father's YouTube. ~ link

Apparently The Voyage of the Dawn Treader hasn't been sunk after all. Production will go on even without Disney. ~ link


Linda said...

oh, oh I will be there for Sonicflood. How cool is that?

Bill Kinnon said...

Sonicflood and MT in the same post. How random is that. Glad you're going to use the video(s) for class. Remind me when all parts of the videos are up (via email) and we'll talk about getting a higher quality version to you.