Monday, January 12


I took this short video of Iggy, the Plaxton's cat, one evening when we were at their home a few weeks ago.

The pineapple is so very sweet. I'll bring samples to campus tomorrow. I cleaned the crown and put it in water (some roots were already developing!). So the next generation is already in the works.

1 in 200 American kids are vegetarians -- PETA videos on YouTube have bigger impact than health concerns. ~ link

Score again for citrus power! Taiwanese researchers:
Polymethoxyflavones (PMFs), found exclusively in the Citrus genus, particularly in the peel of sweet oranges (Citrus sinensis) and mandarin oranges (Citrus reticulate), have a broad spectrum of biological activities including anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor activities. The intake of citrus fruit has been suggested for prevention of the development of certain human cancers. It is also commonly recognized that cancer induction can be prevented by ingestion of certain food phytochemicals. Flavonoids in citrus fruits and juices have been said to be one of the most prominent cancer-preventing agents. PMFs have higher permeability through the small intestine and are readily absorbed into the human blood circulatory system... ~ link
It's been awhile since I mentioned Mike Morrell and Philip Scriber. These guys have been compiling this incredible list of "the best Jesus-infused sites you've never heard about" since Al Gore invented the internet -- 7,000+ links. ~ link

Urbanization causing major climate shifts. Even heavier levels of commuter traffic lead to less rainfall -- correlation according to ASU researchers. ~ link

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