Tuesday, February 10


Start stocking up on "forever stamps." The US Postal Service is raising the cost of a first-class stamp to 44¢ on May 11th -- a 2¢ increase. But it's still a great deal -- considering how much energy it takes to move a letter from one place to another. ~ link

More site trivia from Google Analytics -- 51% of my blog visitors use Firefox; 32% use Internet Explorer; 13% use Safari; 2% use Chrome; 1% use Opera -- and there is one person who still uses Netscape (the browser that started it all -- congratulations on holding out -- whoever you are).

The economy isn't totally stalled out. Walmart is pushing for expansion into urban Chicago. And in suburban Phoenix, both In-N-Out Burger and Chick-fil-A are setting up in Queen Creek. Intel has announced that they are spending $7 billion to set-up for the production of the next generation 32-nanometer chips -- including $3 billion in the Chandler, Arizona factory. There's still some chump change floating around out there.

The sons of Mervyn Morris, the founder of the now defunct Mervyn's department store chain, have purchased the name "Mervyn's," the house brand labels, and "all its Internet-related intellectual properties." Apparently they are thinking of reestablishing the chain. That would be an interesting comeback. I unloaded trucks for Mervyn's for awhile when I was a university student. ~ link

Meanwhile, Mervyn's arch nemesis, Kohl’s, has acquired 31 of the former Mervyn's buildings -- recently closing the deal on five of the properties. ~ link

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