Wednesday, February 11


Cuba has launched it's own Linux based OS -- which they're calling "Nova." ~ link

Of course, at this point someone will chime in and tell the story about how GM blew it by trying to sell Novas in the Spanish speaking market. "It sounded too much like 'no va' -- which means 'no go' en Español." But that whole story is a no va urban legend. Swedish Ice Church~ link

"Ice Church in Swedish Lappland offers white winterland wedding." Crazy Swedes. ~ link

The world is changing! Muzak, the elevator music company, has filed for chapter 11. ~ link

Beth Bilynskyj's "Cookies, Christ, and the Koran" is a tasty little apologetic. And it sounds like she has some sharp high schoolers in the church youth group. They ask good questions. ~ link

They're finally retiring the Palm operating system. It lived a good life. ~ link

Iran, which has bought into CNG big time (and cleaned up the air in doing so) claims to have made the world's most powerful natural gas car. Cool! We should honor their efforts. If the quality of life in Iran continues to improve they're not going to want to risk losing it by waging a war. ~ link

LifeWay, the Southern Baptist publishing arm, has launched SongMap. Users download sheet music and audio files after they "make custom arrangements in the keys they prefer and from the specific sections of the songs they select -- such as verses, choruses and transitions." I had trouble getting the website to work right in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. They may just be a little too popular during this start-up phase. ~ link

Islanders are worried that the economic stimulus plan is not only going to not benefit them but that it will also cost them. The issue has to do with the unique way that the tax system is administered out here. ~ link

There are really only three solutions: (1) scream bloody murder, (2) temporarily (or permanently) raise sales taxes to make up for the loss (the taxes on Guam are extremely low compared to the rest of the US), (3) seek a revision in the Organic Act which defines the relationship of the US to the Territory of Guam. All of the above.

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