Sunday, February 22


Technology, how it is embraced and integrated, drives the generation gaps, according to new Barna research. I wonder if this has not always been true. The issue at hand in this time is that we are experiencing more technological innovation at a pace unimaginable in the past. The greater the explosion, the greater the hemorrhaging between the generations. ~ link

Ten deadly trappings of evangelism ~ link (via)

Wall Street Journal:
Much as Pakistan is fighting for survival against Islamic radicals, Mexico is waging a do-or-die battle with the world's most powerful drug cartels... The U.S. Justice Department said recently that Mexican gangs are the "biggest organized crime threat to the United States," operating in at least 230 cities and towns. ~ link
Yet another of America's great newspapers has filed for bankruptcy protection. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News are trying to restructure $390 million in debt. ~ link

It's not all doom and gloom out there. The US still leads the world in manufacturing output -- in a big way -- and it is moving upscale, following the profits. ~ link

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