Monday, February 2

Top 11 Super Bowl Commercials

For those of us who aren't big football fans at least 75% of the joy of the big game is found in the commercials. Unfortunately, they don't show many of the mainland commercials on Guam -- substituting in their stead very unsatisfying Guamercials -- and some re-runs from past years. Fortunately, the regular commercials are posted online.

I noted a bit of a shift. The best 2009 commercials seem to be lighter and more upbeat -- tuning-in to counter the gray economic cloud that hangs over consumers. There were fewer in-your-face commercials -- and even those that did make the cut were not as strong as in the past.

The colas scored big this year. Coca-Cola was dipping into the retro good feel of the 60s and 70s.

I usually enjoy the imagination in the beer commercials and their story-telling but only one commercial that the beer guys did caught my attention.

#11 -- Cheetos

#10 -- H & R Block death and taxes

#9 -- Bridgestone on the moon

#8 -- Coke Zero Mean Troy

#7 -- Pepsi Max -- the first diet cola for men

#6 -- Budweiser clydesdale circus

#5 -- Castrol chimp mechanics

#4 -- Pedigree adoption drive

#3 -- Pepsi -- forever young

#2 -- Coca Cola bugs

#1 -- Coca Cola avatars

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Sean Meade said...

i basically agree with these. hmm, maybe i should do my own post...