Tuesday, March 10


diplomaAccording to the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems the US will need to produce 63.1 million college degrees by 2025 just to match other nations in the percentage of adults with college degrees. "At the current pace, the country will fall short of that threshold by 16 million degrees." ~ link

The CSM has picked up iMonk's blog posts on his projected decline of evangelicalism. ~ link

I'm not particularly fond of Calvinism -- at least the 5-point TULIP version. But really, there is no reason that Calvinists should be targeted for layoff at Southwestern Seminary (if indeed that is what's happening). Can't those guys in Ft Worth find something else to get all up in arms over? Maybe iMonk is right -- implosion on the horizon. Don't worry, the kingdom of God will move forward with or without us. ~ link

My thought for the day -- When we enable the dysfunction in others we are ultimately going to be feeding the dysfunction in ourselves.

My new TNIV Reference Bible (Renaissance edition) arrived this morning. I've been waiting for several years for this release (which occurred last fall) and then several months to get it at a price I was willing to pay. It's funny, I prefer to do most of my reading and writing digitally but there is still nothing quite like holding a fine leather Bible. Maybe it's a generational thing.

Low power FM 106.9, which was playing classical Chinese music in Tumon, Guam, is now broadcasting a mix of classical Western, ultra-mellow church music, and KJV Bible reading. Hmm... I enjoyed the old format.

My suspicion is that the Obama administration is even more clueless than the banks which got themselves in such hot water. "Some bankers say the conditions have become so onerous that they want to return the bailout money... They say they plan to return the money as quickly as possible or as soon as regulators set up a process to accept the refunds." ...L. William Seidman, the former senior regulator during the savings and loan IE-Firefoxbailout says that "Weak banks are being asked to do things that will erode their position." ~ link

IE8 to be the last version of Internet Explorer? ~ link

In some Western US states it is illegal to collect rainwater (there is fear that too many collectors will deprive the rivers of their flow). In Arizona they'll give you a tax credit if you set-up a rain collection system. Let's move there. ~ link

10 major US newspapers to either go digital only (DO) or fold ~ link

Biodegrade shopping bags starting to find their way into the market. Here is the latest! ~ link

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