Saturday, March 14


• History of the offering plate in America ~ link

• They're removing the metric signage along I-19 south of Tucson -- the nail in the US metric system coffin? I was thinking of converting my blog to the metric system in order to keep the hope alive. ~ link (thx)

• Is Rush Limdbaugh a liberal heretic? In short, yes. But people don't seem to care. ~ link

• Dave has a post about our bowling excursion last night. ~ link

• Youth ministry breakthrough ~ link

• President Obama appointed five pastoral advisers. It was going to be six but they didn't want to have to pay to fly me from Guam. And of course I wouldn't have taken the assignment anyway because I wouldn't want to be associated with an ecclesiastical body which wears neck-ties on a regular basis. It's a slippery slope. ~ link

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