Saturday, March 14


• History of the offering plate in America ~ link

• They're removing the metric signage along I-19 south of Tucson -- the nail in the US metric system coffin? I was thinking of converting my blog to the metric system in order to keep the hope alive. ~ link (thx)

• Is Rush Limdbaugh a liberal heretic? In short, yes. But people don't seem to care. ~ link

• Dave has a post about our bowling excursion last night. ~ link

• Youth ministry breakthrough ~ link

• President Obama appointed five pastoral advisers. It was going to be six but they didn't want to have to pay to fly me from Guam. And of course I wouldn't have taken the assignment anyway because I wouldn't want to be associated with an ecclesiastical body which wears neck-ties on a regular basis. It's a slippery slope. ~ link

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R. Mansfield said...

Regarding the metric system. When I was in 4th grade around 1978 or so, we were taught the metric system exclusively. That is, our education system decided NOT to teach us whatever you'd call the standard used by the United States. They did this because they said it was all going to change.

But then it didn't. And what does a kid do when told to estimate something six inches when he only knows centimeters? For years, I couldn't estimate any kind of decent measurement with a few exceptions (a meter is pretty close to a yard).

I still often jokingly say, "Don't ask me; I think in metric."

Too bad the only thing that went metric in the US was large bottles of soft drinks.