Monday, March 30


cactus in bloom• One of our cacti on the lanai is showing some incredible spring bloom -- delicate little yellow stars.

• Health care breakthrough: Trials in India show that the Polypill works -- cutting heart disease by 80%, reducing strokes. This inexpensive pill could save millions and millions of lives -- and significantly reduce health care costs. Economic ripple effect could be staggering. ~ link

• WSJ article on the plight of the burbs:
What is happening on the urban fringe is similar to the urban decay that plagued cities after World War II, says Christopher B. Leinberger, a real-estate developer and visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution. "Single-family homes and townhouses in cities were broken into rental units. Now, we're seeing that phenomenon move out to the fringe." ~ link
• Over the years I've been collecting some of my rather random thoughts on ministry -- somewhat of a philosophy of ministry. I just created a "Ministry Lessons" page with part of my collection -- probably more revealing than profound~ link

• I don't get too excited about the liquor but I'd like to grow citrons~ link

• A Singapore pastor has reportedly been paid a $500k performance bonus. I really do need to get back to that surreal place. ~ link

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Ann said...

[grin] I'm wondering *which* surreal place you "really do need to get back to"? The options could be,
a) Singapore
b) the church that hands out the $500k performance bonus
c) being the kind of pastor who'd accept a $500k bonus

any more options??