Tuesday, April 28


Turn your short and manageable url into something unruly and absurd with GiantURL.com. It really works. ~ link

I'm seeing more harm in flu-panic than the flu pandemic. Relax. Just wash your hands more often and replace the handshake with a Thai wai.

We've been talking about Chris Wright's book Mission of God in my Evangelism and Discipleship class -- trying to establish the biblical and theological framework for the course. To bring it down to earth I had us listen to a good sermon on "singing a new song" that he did (based on Psalm 96) at All Souls Church. ~ link (Registration is free -- lots of good downloads in their library)

A new report says that the military buildup on Guam will help the economy on the island. Maybe we should raise the price of the condo. ~ link

India is buying 250,000 OLPCs for school children. Of course, there are 200 million school age children in India. 250,000 computers is not even a single drop in the bucket. But you've got to start somewhere. ~ link

Family finds crashed plane using Google Earth ~ link

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