Saturday, May 2


Last week the NY Times ran an article on the heart attack death of John King. John was “perhaps the world’s only truly classical ‘ukulele virtuoso.’” ~ link

The good news is that we received an offer on the condo this morning. So we're back in the escrow game again. PTL.

We were standing in line at McDonald's in the Narita (Tokyo) airport last week and I joking told Cheryl that I wanted a double-double animal style. The American guy in line before us overheard and started cracking up. He was wearing Google laundry so I suspect that he was from California. Anyway, I was just now thinking that I'd enjoy a double-double animal style and it brought that situation to mind.

Economist Mark Perry says that "gas is cheaper today than the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and first half of 1980s." My sense is that most things are cheaper now than they were -- more buying power in the dollar. We're not as bad off as we think we are. ~ link

I need to get Dr Perry to explain the economics of bananas to me. One of the ironies of Guam is that while bananas grow wild here -- and there are plenty of them -- they still cost $1.35/lb in the grocery store -- and those are the imported variety. Local bananas cost $2.50/lb.

Guam United Methodist Church, where Cheryl is the part-time secretary, had a nice going away for her this morning during their worship service. They gave her a framed Judy Flores print ("Inarajan Fiesta Procession") that we both really like. ~ link

Take a look at T.C. Moore's review of Soong-Chan Rah's book The Next Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity. ~ link

Community colleges are now starting to offer baccalaureate degrees at a price significantly cheaper than other colleges and universities. Many of the degrees are in fields not offered by the traditional schools -- e.g. fire science or public safety management ~ link

"They said pigs couldn't fly, but this week, swine flu..." ~ Scot Gillan on FB. Groan.
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