Wednesday, May 27


Since my on-campus responsibilities are mostly done I've been staying home -- catching up on some reading and working on a sermon. I'm sensing that some of the creative juices are starting to percolate in my brain again.

Pictures of 10 new species -- including a caffeine-free coffee ~ link

Robert Schuller the junior has purchased a television network and plans to start his own show. Why? ~ link

Have you seen Soong-Chan Rah's new website site?

The General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a 523-foot-long former US Air Force missile tracking ship, has been sunk off the Florida Keys to become the world's second largest purposely created artificial reef. To show you how out of the loop I am on this stuff, I didn't even know that the Air Force had ships. I thought that was a Navy thing. ~ link

Walmart has opened its first outlet in India -- a wholesale store called Best Price Modern Wholesale ~ link

Mars/M&Ms is giving away free chocolate to people who visit their website on Fridays. ~ link

The fire alarm sounded again -- this time around midnight. The property manager assures me that the alarm company is coming out "this week" to look at it.

New study:
Two-thirds of all Protestant churches have expanded their ministry space or outlets in the past five years. Two of these types of expansion correspond to higher levels of growth in church attendance: adding a worship service and building new space on site. Five other types tested showed no significant relationship with growth. ~ link
Shifting truck traffic from the highways onto the waterways ~ link

Twitter plans to charge some user fees -- eventually. ~ link

But why are the 55+ers quitting FB? ~ link

Most of the creative business people have avoided the online social networks, according to Fast Company. ~ link

Skype has added screen sharing. ~ link

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