Tuesday, June 16


CCOJ logoCommunity Church of Joy, the Glendale, Arizona church which has been a flagship in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is disassociating itself from that denomination and is joining the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). ~ link

Twitter delayed a 1-hour maintenance shut-down so that they would not interrupt communication between Iranian protesters. Two weeks ago China blocked Twitter on the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre to thwart protesters. It's a powerful communication tool. ~ Link

We took our rental car back to the airport today. We had rented from Fox Rent a Car, a fairly new discount company, and had a very positive experience.

Renting a car at Sky Harbor International Airport is interesting. Renters are bused to an off-site not-so-mini-terminal where business is conducted. It's different than any off-site set-up I've seen -- and extremely efficient. ~ link

Opera Unite could turn every computer running the Opera browser into a web server. ~ link

Arizonans are having a tougher time managing credit card and mortgage debt than consumers all other states -- except Florida and Nevada. ~ link
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