Saturday, July 25


• It's 100+°. I'm sitting outside listening to the thunder and watching a storm develop in the distance across the desert. The wind is hot -- blowing the storm this way. The birds are busy trying to get in a last song before the sun fads away.

Kent Shaffer is making the case for the "Video Teaching Church" model. While I don't see harm in occasional video-pulpit input I still believe that the further removed the pastor is from the congregation, the harder it is for him or her to model incarnational ministry. I'd also like to see churches developing a richer sacramental theology, giving more room for mystery in worship and the life of the congregation. I'm having a hard time seeing how a church which relies on video input is going to do that well. Just because we can do something and it more or less works on some levels doesn't mean that it is wise for the long-term health of the church. ~ link

• We borrowed Lady in the Water from the library. Who can tell me how the fate of the film critic fits in with the story line?

• There are enough empty houses in the US that we could house the entire populations of both Israel and the UK? Mind boggling -- if true. ~ link

35,000 more displaced in Congo -- and they're the survivors ~ link

• Africa is not all bad news. The cable has reached east Africa bringing high speed internet. ~ link


JavaJeff said...

Video or live "up front" - What's the difference? There's still the dependence of the congregation on a specialized presentation. I believe modeling "incarnationally" hits home when we're making our dwelling among others.

Horace Glump said...

RE: Lady in the Water. Director M. Night Shyamalan is often attacked by film critics so it would be appropriate that he return the favor in one of his flicks (metaphorically speaking.)

Brad Boydston said...

I sensed that and enjoyed the poke at the critics. But I was wondering if there was more to it in relation to the actual story line. Apparently not.

Susan Gillespie said...

I agree, Brad, with regard to video-pulpit preaching. ISTM that the people in the congregation I serve appreciate the preaching but pay attention to my whole life lived in their midst (for better or worse). I don't know how "video churches" use the sermons - they would necessarily be divorced from knowing the pastor.