Sunday, August 9


Check out wikimapia. As our #2 son, Kent says, "They one upped google earth." Actually they've taken images provided by Google and created a wiki overlay. The search function seems weak and it doesn't work with Google Chrome. But there are lots of interesting tags available.

• ¡Nuevo! Sam's Club para Latinos -- the Más Club ~ link

• People killed in the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan -- a million Chinese evacuated -- Typhoon Morakot ~ link

• The US Border Patrol has found another body in the southern Arizona desert -- the seventh in a week. People are desperate to get into the US. ~ link

We've hit a slight snag in the wire-transfer. The bank wants an "original signature" document authorizing the wire-transfer. (I feel like I'm stuck in the pre-global economy of the 80's.) FedEx will get the documents moving toward our Guam bank tomorrow. It will just delay the closing of the deal a few days -- I hope.

Health insurance is more affordable than some are leading us to believe. ~ link
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