Tuesday, August 4

Dealing with "pesky Calvinists'

They're talking again about the strident Calvinists on Scot McKnights' blog. We need to be clear that not all Calvinists are strident or pesky. But there are some who are so locked into that system of theology that in their minds anything other isn't really Christian. This is inconsistent with American evangelicalism which tends to be "big tent" in its approach to other Christians.

What do you do about "pesky Calvinists"? As a pastor you just tell them in no uncertain terms (be blunt and straight forward) that "While Calvinism is an acceptable theological option it is not the only evangelical option and our congregation is not going to be defined by a single theological system -- Calvinistic, Arminian, Lutheran, Baptistic, Dispensational, Anabaptist, Charismatic... So you guys need to back down and show some grace. If you can't do that I'd be glad to help you find an exclusively Calvinistic congregation. We'd hate to see you leave -- and would actually prefer that you stay -- but you might find that you are more effective in that setting."
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