Thursday, August 6


The seller wants to close tomorrow -- Friday afternoon. If the money transfer and recordation is smooth we could have keys Tuesday. Then the work begins.

I ordered an internet connection tonight for the new house. Cox Cable makes the most sense for now.

• This afternoon, after lunch with Steve Stinnette and his friend Matt, we went to the AT&T Store in the Superstition Springs Mall. A couple of great guys got our cell phone account set-up. It's complex navigating the system when you're working with multiple phone numbers in multiple states. They ended up setting us up on a business plan -- that cost less than a regular plan. There are some creative can-do people working for the Man. It does happen.

The 602-903-5085 phone number still rings my cell phone. That's my Google Voice number that rolls over to wherever I direct it.

The big bad Fox "has ordered distributors to stop providing Redbox with new DVD releases, joining Universal in its attempt to prop up its ailing DVD business." Sounds like it will end up in court. ~ link

Sue Gillespie checked in with some engineering geek friend to try and answer my question about why they burn the methane coming out of the landfill rather than harvesting it. Apparently, it takes more energy to harvest and transport it than to just burn it off. If someone wanted to live over the landfill it would perhaps be economical to use it to heat a home and cook food. Hmmm... Thanks, Sue!

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Tell us more about the church you are getting going!