Monday, August 10


• This evening we watched an artsy kind of DVD that we found at the library -- Bug. Engaging but so very weird.

• One of the great things about our new house in Laveen is that we will actually be in easy walking distance to more goods and services than any place we've ever lived. Laveen is an interesting mix of rural (still a few dairies), suburban (typical sprawl but with parks and open space), and urban (the mix of people is closer to what you'd traditionally find a more urban context).

• "Does ethanol in Iowa cause deforestation in Brazil?" Is the rush to green creating unintended consequences? In a global economy the ripple effects of each nation's actions can be rather significant.

• "Back to church Sunday"? Doesn't putting this "holiday" in September unintentionally communicate that it's expected that you're going to take the summer off from church? And it seems a little heavy on the marketing side of things. People are turned off if they feel that we're marketing to them. I do. And I just have a bad feeling about this.

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