Sunday, September 6


• Bookmark -- recipe for perfect chocolate chip cookies ~ link

Americans have started giving away more of their stuff. Are we becoming less materialistic? ~ link

Traffic congestion in the UK has dropped by nearly 1/3 in two years because of the recession and rising fuel prices. ~ link

• "The US is now the ONLY 'developed nation' where young people are less likely than parents to earn a (college) degree." ~ link

• I hate to mention it but the University of Arizona has passed Arizona State University in reputation as a party school. I suppose this is one victory that we should let the Wildcats have. ~ link

More Guamanians begging for Jack in the Box. This is a bit of a recurring theme on the island. I don't know why Jack hasn't figured out that he could become a Western Pacific phenomena -- perhaps as profitable as Kmart. How many times have you seen people on that Continental 1 flight from Honolulu totting a bag of Jack in the Box back to their friends on Guam? For some reason islanders love it. Jack in the Box could become the new Spam.

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