Thursday, September 10

Sign-up for FreeRecycling

One of my great online finds has been FreeRecycling. I signed us up for this service while we were working at Pacific Islands Bible College and it became a good little fundraiser for the recycling logo

In a nutshell the company pays you (or your organization) to mail in used ink cartridges and cell phones. (They don't pay for laser cartridges right now.) They even pay the postage. So the whole thing is a fairly simple operation: sign up for an account -- collect used cartridges and cell phones -- create a packing list using their form -- put their postage paid label on the box -- put the box in the mail. They'll send you a check.

You're probably not going to get rich using their system but you or your group can make money. They pay up to $3.60 per cartridge. The ink cartridges I use are worth $1.30 (black) and $1.90 (color) each.

To get started fill out the simple account application at the bottom of the page at this link. They don't ask for any complicated or personal information. And they will not spam you.

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