Tuesday, October 20

I'm giving away a copy of the Mosaic Bible

Tyndale House Publishers sent me a certificate for a free copy of the new Holy Bible: Mosaic. I plan to pass it along to one of my blog readers. Here are the details:

1. On November 11th Tim Beals the executive editor of Mosaic will be a guest here, answering your questions.

2. I want to send him your questions by November 1st. Email me with any questions you might have by that date. (Ask him questions that you might have about Mosaic, the NLT translation, Tyndale's approach to publishing... Be creative. They can be tough questions. He can handle it.)

3. Make sure you include your snail-mail address with the email because we will be randomly selecting a winner from among those emails.

We all know that this rolling blog tour is a promotional event organized by Tyndale House. They're very good at that and have made a concerted effort to tap into the blogosphere. But it's also an opportunity to get the ear of the people calling some of the shots at Tyndale. They are accessible, gracious, and competent -- and I'm sure that Tim will take your questions seriously.
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