Sunday, October 4

Islands calling!!!

How would you like to spend four months on a wonderful tropical island? Pacific Islands University, with whom we worked for three school years, has had a bit of an explosion of students on their Guam campus and is in need of English and ESL teachers with masters degrees in those fields. It's a volunteer gig, but perhaps you can pull together some support from your church, family, and friends.

PIU is a very unique school. It is a small, nationally-accredited, mostly missionary-staffed university. The primary mission is to provide accessible Christian education to people living in the Western Pacific. These are islanders who have very little materially and have had few educational opportunities. It's a great mission that is not only transforming individual lives but whole societies.

If interested, contact Melody Plaxton, who took over as Academic VP when I left.

It looks like I'll be teaching a PIU class next semester, too. However, I'll be doing it from Phoenix via the internet. There are students at the teaching sites in Chuuk and Palau (and perhaps a few on the Guam campus) who need the spiritual formation class and Melody has asked me to teach that for them.

The English classes, at least at this point, need to be taught in the classroom on Guam -- although, if you have experience teaching college English via distance education, I'm guessing that Melody would be more than happy to talk with you.

There are other mission opportunities at the school -- people who can teach education classes, Bible, theology, science, art... people who can help with maintenance... short-term mission teams who can do on-campus projects... Get hold of Melody if you're interested in teaching or Steve Stinnette if interested in serving in other capacities.
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