Friday, October 9


Hearst launched a new online news source today -- LMK. It looks like a fusion of People magazine and Google News. At least they're trying something new. ~ link

감사합니다, 세종대왕! I am assuming that you all enjoyed the Hangul Day festivities -- not that I ever expect to get Korean -- still struggling with the English alphabet right now. Hip hip hooray for King Sejong the Great! ~ link

The Farnsworths sent me some more calamansi seeds. Thanks!!! They arrived today and I've been soaking them to sow tomorrow. I'm going to try planting some of them directly into the ground this time.

The Times came out with their annual list of the world's top 200 universities. Cal, from which Cheryl graduated and Betsy will graduate in about 8 months, is #39; UCSD, from which Kirk graduated, is #76; UCI, from which Kent graduated, is #161. Do you see where I'm going with this? Somehow ASU didn't make the list this year and I'm feeling a little excluded. It's been a bad year for ASU. I think they even dropped off the best party school list for the first time. Of course, we don't take these kinds of lists seriously anyway. But how did UofA get on there at #166?

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