Saturday, December 5


• GOOD NEWS -- "Measles deaths declined 78% in the last eight years as a global vaccination campaign inoculated 700 million children and saved 4.3 million lives." Measles is the world’s leading cause of death in children. ~ link

• HOWARD MERRELL has got me listening to the AOL Radio classical Christmas carols and songs station. Beautiful. ~ link

St Nicolas• TOMORROW (Sunday, December 6th) is the feast day for Saint Nicholas, third century Turkish bishop known for his generosity (and smacking Arius in the face at the Council of Nicea). Of course, his legend eventually morphed into that of Santa Claus. ~ link

• LDS & EVANGELICALS -- comparing and contrasting their views of creation and the cosmos ~ link

• IS SARAH PALIN a "birther" (someone who believes that there is a cover-up conspiracy related to the birth certificate of Barak Obama)? ~ link

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