Monday, December 7


SETH GODIN on "how to protect your ideas in the digital age" -- In short, he says, "don't." ~ link

DID the meaning of "sin" shift during various biblical periods? In the OT it was a load to carry but by the NT period it was a debt to pay? Implications for understanding atonement? Scot McKnight is discussing Gary Anderson's new book Sin: A History ~ link

KIT KAT bars in the UK and Ireland will soon be made with Fairtrade chocolate. ~ link (via)

TRYING to position a website for Google's algorithms just got more complicated. They're now tracking your personal browsing/search habits and attempting to deliver more personalized search results. All of this, of course, makes more than a few people nervous. Personally I don't care who sees where I've gone. There is no information that can be used against me. However, there are places in the world where the collection of such information in and of itself potentially endangers people. Not everybody is trying to play as fair and open as Google. ~ link

WORLD VISION has teamed up with City Vision College to provide online courses in community youth development. What a great partnership! (They do need to create an "about" page with an overview of the program, basic details, accreditation, etc.) ~ link

THIS coming weekend (December 12th-13th) admission is free to the Arizona Science Center -- including the "ROBOTS: the Interactive Expedition." Thanks to the Ford Motor Company. ~ link

I TRIED to set-up a Christmas caroling stop for a few songs in front of a local grocery store. But the manager told me that it would require corporate approval with paperwork and proof of insurance. Sigh. Welcome to America 2009! The MasterPiece carolers will skip that stop on Sunday night.

YOU'RE asking whatever happened to the Holy Bible: Mosaic blog tour that was supposed to stop by here last month? They're good folk at Tyndale, but I think they just bit off more than they could chew. So it looks like it isn't going to happen. Thank you to all who submitted questions. I apologize that they will go unanswered.

CARL KASELL is retiring. NPR won't be the same without him. ~ link

MY copies of the Daily Texts 2010 arrived in the mail today. ~ link


Rick said...

Do you use the regular or journal edition of Daily Texts?

Brad Boydston said...

I use the regular edition. I tried the journal edition one year and it was okay. There is actually some (not a lot but some) journaling space in the regular edition.