Monday, January 4


orangesDONATE your extra citrus. ~ link

RUTH VUONG, the Dean of Students at Fuller Theological Seminary died unexpectedly this morning. ~ link

KEITH FULLERTON, a retired Covenant pastor friend, died unexpectedly last evening. ~ link

THERE are now 15,740 self-proclaimed social media gurus on Twitter. ~ link

WE received a fantastic care package from Guam today (thank you, Lisa & Derwin!) -- including a new Guam cookbook, packets of achuete (for making red rice), and jerk seasoning and sauce from Jamaican Grill. If that were not enough to make it a great Guam day, a few minutes after opening the package, I noticed a man in Subway wearing a Guam baseball league shirt so I greeted him with a hafa adai. He wanted to know if I was Chamorro, too.

CAN urban farming save Detroit? It's certainly worth a try. ~ link

MORE people struggling with the theological accuracy of In Christ Alone. Tom Wright and Rich Mouw are on target. ~ link

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES has pulled blankets and pillows off of its flights -- not because of worries over terrorists but because of passenger concern over "the spread of the H1N1 flu and other illnesses." ~ link

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