Monday, February 8



...Of course, there's a different strategy, a crazy alternative that seems to work: do the most you can do instead of the least.

Radically overdeliver.

Turns out that this is a cheap and effective marketing technique. ~ Seth Godin
WHY PHOENIX is in so much money TROUBLE right now ~ link

YOU CAN LOOK UP the Daily Texts for any day of the year using the calendar at the Moravian Church in the British Province website. Click on the "Watchwords" button on the bottom.

YOU CAN prepare and print US Customs forms online at the USPS website. ~ link

IT'S GOT TO BE FRUSTRATING to work in a police department where everything is so politicized and the posturing is so much a part of the system. ~ link

I TRIED TAKING THE CEO color aptitude test but I think my preference for lime green broke the system and it refused to give me any results. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to continue being what I am. I am so undisappointed. ~ link

OKAY, SO THERE ARE actually people using Google Wave. ~ link

TAKING THE WHOLE CHURCH COFFEE thing to the next level -- "Covenant Roasters" ~ link

ARIZONA has just published a new free visitor's guide. ~ link

FUN VIDEO clip highlighting the similarities between Old English and Frisian. Friesland is a region in the Netherlands, a region where many old Anglo-Saxon tribes lived. Some of these people migrated to Britain about the 5th century and brought the beginnings of Old English with them. (I once watched a movie in Frisian and by the end of it I think I was understanding 60% of what they were saying.) ~ link

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Beth B said...

Yes, that CEO color test was way off for me as well. Can you believe this is what it spat back?

"These adventurous types prefer action-oriented, concrete problems rather than dealing with thought-provoking, ambiguous, abstract dilemmas. Fields of interest include mechanical, construction, and outdoor careers. They might also enjoy working with machines, tools, and equipment to repair or build something."

I HATE camping. I love abstract thought. My dad was the machinist, and since he took care of everything mechanical, I never had to! Wrong on all counts.