Friday, February 12


BUSY HOLIDAY WEEKEND: Today is Lincoln's Birthday. Sunday is Arizona Statehood Day, Chinese New Year, Transfiguration Sunday, and something else. Oh yeah, Monday is President's Day.

ON TOP OF THAT temps are supposed to climb for the holidays -- mid-70's. I wouldn't be surprised if we hit 80° in some places around Phoenix.

WIFI TURNS SCHOOL BUS into study hall -- more or less. Prolonged computing on a bus would only make me nauseous. ~ link

ARIZONA STATE Rep Frank Antenori "has proposed a bill that would make it illegal for the poor to purchase so-called luxuries, like beer and cigarettes and premium cable with their own money, when they're also getting welfare assistance and food stamps from the government." Of course, enforcement would require a whole new layer of bureaucracy. ~ link

DONATIONS to the Covenant World Relief Haiti fund are now at the $600,000 mark. ~ link

I LOOKED for the books I needed in two area bookstores on Wednesday. They were not in stock so I placed an Amazon order on Wednesday evening. The books shipped on Thursday afternoon (yesterday). They were in my PO box this morning -- even with the standard free shipping.

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