Tuesday, February 23


ARIZONA LAWMAKERS are trying to make milk the "official state beverage." I guess I just assumed it was already Corona Extra. ~ link

George HandelALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG! Georg Friedrich Händel -- 325 Jahre!

HAS DEREGULATION helped or hindered the proliferation of broadband internet in the US? (Wireless is getting close to being able to leap-frog over this wire hang-up.) ~ link

THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE -- Google's free in-home wireless broadband service called TiSP ~ link

FRENCH AIR TRAFFIC controllers have gone on strike to protest the modernization of air traffic control. ~ link

"WE ARE AGNOSTICS living deep in the heart of Texas and our family fakes Christianity for social reasons. It’s not so much for the sake of my husband or myself but for our young children..." ~ link

BOING BOING takes MagicJack to the woodshed. ~ link

SOUTH KOREA has opened a prison for foreign convicts. ~ link

JASON COKER asks, "Does it matter if we know Jesus?" Maybe that's the wrong question. ~ link

GUAM AND THE CNMI are brothers who are forever competing against each other. But neither territory has a chance of really thriving until they redirect their energy into looking out for each other -- ultimately, I suspect, through political union. I'm optimistic about the younger generation of leaders. ~ link

SMALL DOGS may have evolved from the Middle Eastern gray wolf, according to results of new DNA research at UCLA. It's just such a stretch to think of the shaking chihuahua as a product of evolution -- or even intelligent design. ~ link

IT'S GOOD TO SEE that the new Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts seems to be Covenant World Relief logomore interested in issues than strict party lines. Might his tribe increase. ~ link

COVENANT WORLD RELIEF'S list of accomplishments in Haiti continues to grow. ~ link

AMOS WINTER, PhD student at MIT, has designed an inexpensive wheelchair that is small enough to be used indoors and heavy duty enough to be used off-road. The target consumer is in the developing portion of the world. Impressive. ~ link (via)

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