Tuesday, March 16


Chart on the state of global Christianity ~ link (.pdf)

The DTh program at South Africa Theological Seminary has morphed into a PhD in theology program. I understand the marketing impulse but I like the straightforwardness of the DTh nomenclature. There are too many PhDs out there and not enough true DThs. ~ link

How to deal with snake and Gila Monster bites, spider bites, Africanized honey bee and scorpion stings ~ link

Boycotts send out the wrong message to all the wrong people. ~ link

✽ Seth Godin: "Driveby culture and the endless search for wow" ~ link

Mass exit of Latinos from Roman Catholicism ~ link

"Want a real stimulus? Give Americans who pay taxes a tax exemption for every dollar they pay toward their personal debt!" ~ link

Micronesia is experiencing drought. Guam has great ground water but many of the other islands are rain dependent. ~ link

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Phil Davidson said...

Hi Brad,

Regarding the Twitter quote about stimulating the economy by paying off personal debt: Were you serious? I am not an economist, but Krugman and others say our immediate economic problem is shortage of demand. They point out that the recent increase in U.S. government debt just replaces a simultaneous reduction in other intra-U.S. debt. The paradox is that paying down debt tends to impede economic recovery at this time.