Monday, May 31

Jesus Manifesto

When Thomas Nelson offered to send me a review copy of Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ I jumped on it. Putting two occasionally loose canons, Len Sweet and Frank Viola, in the same book was too intriguing.

My advance release copy is still en route, somewhere in the mail system, but I've read a good portion of the book online. From what I've seen this is solid stuff -- a book I wouldn't mind giving to non-believers or a long-time believer. It's about Jesus and his kingdom (how novel!) -- an extremely readable Basic Christianity for 2010. I'm guessing that a few people will be annoyed with it -- but probably not who you're thinking of.

I'd normally wait to mention a book until after I've finished reading it but I understand that it will be on release-day sale tomorrow (Tuesday, June 1st) on Amazon. So, don't buy it today. Wait until tomorrow, mosey on over to Amazon, and see if they're offering the rumored deal. I'm planning to buy another copy to give away.

BTW, the book has a website --
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