Sunday, May 2


American expats have become "toxic citizens" because of the "Patriot Act" ~ link

✽ Misdirected energy -- Please don't send your t-shirts to Africa. They don't need them. And they are getting in the way of economic developmenteucharist. ~ link

✽ Does the Lord's Supper -- the Eucharist -- happen at an altar or a table. Good discussion. ~ link

A well-crafted, bulls-eye editorial in today's Arizona Republic rips pandering politicians, name by name, for failing to lead. The paper is a voice of perspective and sanity in the immigration debate. ~ link

✽ The backlash against Arizona's immigration law is apparently starting to affect out of state enrollment at the University of Arizona. Did the politicians even consider that there might be an economic ripple effect of their actions? We need some big-picture leaders. ~ link

Good news from Guam -- Pacific Islands University has received its reaffirmation of accreditation notice. They're good to go for 10 more years. The other day Seth Godin was suggesting that a college education has lost its value because of the emphasis on "mass and sameness and rankings." PIU is definitely not "mass." It is totally unique in its mission and is completely off the radar when it comes to rankings. Refreshing.

Record enrollment in Swedish language classes -- 84,300 taking Swedish for Immigrants -- up 14% ~ link
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