Friday, May 7


As El Niño weakens the number of hurricanes usually rises. This is not such a good thing if you are living in a tent in Haiti. It also tends to mean that Arizona can expect the upcoming winter to be drier. ~ link

✽ It's official, there is now a clergy glut. This is an opportunity to move a lot of good trained people into new and creative mission endeavors. Forget the career track you thought you were on. That really belonged to a bygone era, anyway.

✽ Bypassed again -- "The 20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors" ~ link

✽ Using a scoop of smooth and rich chocolate chip/cookie dough ice cream at Scooptacular to deal with my disappointment.

$99 Moby tablet designed for students on the way ~ link

✽ Story of the customs agent who stopped Faisal Shahzad from escaping ~ link

Mobile phones and eLearning in Africa -- could be an opportunity ~ link

✽ "Live Church LA is Giving One Free Copy of ViralHope to Everyone who Comes this Sunday!" Is this "attractional" or "missional"? Just asking... ~ link

✽ So, it appears that no one is in charge of jolly old England? ~ link
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