Wednesday, May 26


"A lorry driver who was shown on YouTube driving along a motorway with a car trapped in front of his cab has been told he can keep his licence." ~ BBC News

This is a bellwether for educational systems in other developed countries. "Up to a third of England's colleges may have to merge or work closely together in a federation basis in order to survive, principals are warning." ~ BBC News

Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the US (14.1%) in March but at the same time there were a lot of employers with positions that they couldn't fill. For many it makes more sense to draw unemployment benefits than to work and earn only slightly more. ~ link

However, I believe that if the Church of England is going to survive and if God has a plan to reach everyone in our communities, then the local parish church is going to have to become missional. It will need to stop its focus on connecting the unchurched to worship services (however relevant they are) and start providing opportunities for the unchurched to join in with the church in the ongoing mission of God. ~ Gavin Tyte
"Some 7.7m children under the age of five will die in 2010, down from 11.9m in 1990, according to a new study published online by the Lancet from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington." ~ The Economist

...American evangelicals need a new strategy. This strategy must be founded upon humility, modesty, compassion, and humanity. We need to see our “opponents” as objects of love, however scornful they are of our values; however much they mock our convictions... ~ Jay Phelan
Google's Pacman makes me realize that I really am a gamer. ~ link

"Small Churches are the Next Big Thing" But are intentionally small churches any better than intentionally big ones? Of course not. But if they are small because that is a part of their mission-driven focus they might become more effective in impact. ~ Out of Ur

Primer on Korean theology and how Karl Barth fits in ~ link
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