Friday, May 28


Lemon-scented tomatoes, chocolate-colored persimmons, miniaturized garlic cloves, purple potatoes that taste buttery when cooked, carrots shaped like potatoes, strawberries shaped like carrots, star-shaped zucchini, and "watermelon" tomatoes — dark green on the outside with a juicy red flesh, red peppers with three times the usual amount of vitamins, and black chickpeas with extra antioxidants, worm-shaped berries, blue bananas -- Israel's surprising success with exotic crops ~ LA Times

ASU's even-handed report without the rhetoric -- "Illegal Immigration: Perceptions and Realities" ~ link (.pdf)

It’s hard to listen to people who criticize illegal immigration saying that those without papers just have to go back to their country and get in line. The truth is there is no line, no one is undocumented because they want to be... ~ Professor Lynn Marcus, co-director of an immigration clinic at the University of Arizona Law School
My new favorite non-chocolate, non-citrus snack: Kirkland Signature Rice Crackers with Nuts -- "unique blend of authentic Asian-inspired snacks"
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