Monday, May 10

Sunday's Coming but where is the change?

Sunday's ComingThe level of online chatter over the Sunday's Coming video satire is impressive. It seems to fall into two camps.

There are those who are offended that North Point Media would use time and money to make fun of the church's good intentions. Most people, however, rave about how convictingly accurate it is.

There is something missing, though. I have not yet seen anyone say, "Ya know, we now see how silly we look and shallow we are. We're going to stop doing that kind of thing."

No one seems to be saying, "I'm going to talk with our church leaders to see if we can figure out a way to start worshiping with more substance and less cheesy glitz."

Has anyone sent a Sunday's Coming link to their church leaders and asked them what they think of it? How are the pastors and "worship leaders" responding to these theses nailed to the church door?
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