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The coffee table/paper shredder actually looks more interesting than I thought it sounded. Perhaps it is the idea of a hand-crank shredder that makes it appealing. I'm weary of shredders which get jammed, sound strained most of the time, and burn out. Are there non-designer hand-crank shredders out there? I've missed that aisle at Staples. ~ link (via)

A two-and-a-half year old Phoenix girl nearly died from a scorpion sting. She's doing a lot better now. ~ ABC15

"It's a code, because if you speak Spanglish you know that someone is bilingual and that you can communicate with them on a deeper level because you share biculturalism. It also helps to describe things in more detail..." ~ Cristina Burgos, BBC News

Playing nasty. Definitely not open source. "Google Inc. blasted Apple Inc.'s new rules for its iPhone and iPad operating system, saying the changes would prohibit application developers from using Google's advertising technology on the devices." ~ Wall Street Journal

Those who attempt to find community exclusively online will miss out on the fullness and authenticity of relationships God intends for us to have face to face. Gathering together (Heb. 10:25) requires feet and faces, not just electrons and avatars. Therefore, when a Christian seeks to be a part of a local church only by live streaming the worship service and conversing on message boards, he is short-circuiting the fellowship of the saints and his own spiritual growth. Yet, I do not believe that virtual community and real community are enemies. I see them more as friends, the former as a help to the latter. Unfortunately, for too many theologically-minded pastors, their aversion to the abuses of social media has distracted them from the opportunity they provide. ~ Ed Stetzer
North Korea participating in the World Cup competition -- a hopeful sign. ~ BBC News

Phoenix police union members want US Attorney General Eric Holder to support Arizona's immigration law. They contend that they've already been using a directive similar to SB 1070 since 2008 to detain undocumented immigrants -- perhaps saving Phoenix "more than $600,000 in the past two years by transporting undocumented immigrants directly to immigration authorities, rather than paying to book them into jail." ~ KFYI (audio)

Well, that could be true -- more or less. What the Phoenix PD has been doing involves how they process undocumented people involved in other crimes -- not just people that they think look suspiciously like illegal aliens. If America is going to treat people fairly it will require comprehensive multilaterally-developed reforms -- not just a patchwork of raw state laws and local directives.

Black bear wandering Phoenix area neighborhood. If he were undocumented people would be really upset. ~ ABC15

Glenn Beck on Constantine, Dead Sea Scrolls, Council of Nicea, Apostle's Creed... It's probably a good thing that he is a talk-show entertainer rather than a high school history teacher. ~ link

Chuck Warnock on "smiling racism" ~ link

Rebranding Arizona -- funny. ~ KJZZ (audio)

Research at the University of Tampere in Finland suggests that short people (5 ft 3 in or below) are at greater risk for heart disease than tall people. I read somewhere that the average Cambodian is about 5 ft 2 in. Does that mean that they are all more susceptible to heart disease? There are still lots of questions to be answered. ~ Washington Post

Beth Bilynskyj has pointed us to some great Middle School humor (we Americans can be so myopic at times):

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