Monday, June 14


"World's only solar powered light bulb" -- s-l-o-w-l-y but surely, the solar revolution is taking off. The real challenge will be to make it affordable for the developing world -- the people who most need it. ~ Nokero (via)

The fail whale seems to be really busy on Twitter tonight.

Free wi-fi at all US Starbucks starting July 1st. A-N-D while there, customers will have free access to several paid sites such as ~ link |

Oh, great, this is really going to simplify things. "US finds minerals in Afghanistan worth billions" Well, actually, mineral experts have been aware of this for years. ~ CNN | Wired

"Biblical community is more about choice than affinity." ~ John Scheepers

And once they're done with the World Cup South Africa will get to host the inaugural global citrus conference. ~ link
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