Sunday, June 20


Scene from Invictus

We watched Invictus tonight -- great movie with superb acting. I really expected a much heavier movie with more guilt and shame. But the tension of post-Apartheid South Africa is worked out through the rugby story. The sports competition starts out as a sub-story but eventually becomes the primary focus. This allows the viewer to process the racial issues with a little more distance -- and at times lightheartedness -- but not by glossing over them or minimizing the hate. Clint Eastwood seems to be focusing a lot on racial reconciliation issues these days. Gran Torin was the movie he made just before Invictus.

The rise of the slow reading movement -- "It's not just about students reading as slowly as possible... To me, slow reading is about bringing more of the person to bear on the book." -- John Miedema, author of Slow Reading ~ link

What were they thinking? The Marlins gave out 15,000 Vuvuzelas at their game against the Rays yesterday. It's not likely that the horns will be banned from the World Cup games this time around, but I suspect that after that stunt in Florida, MLB is going to nip the annoyance in the bud. ~ link

It looks like Covenant Publications is experimenting with online publishing using Scribd. Gary Walter's column, Compass Bearings: March 2010 | April 2010 | May 2010


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Loved the article on reading.

The March link to Walter's article is same as the May link. You may want to fix this. Thanks.

Matthew said...

Emily and I really liked in Invictus as well. I appreciated the way it deal with the serious themes without being heavy handed or melodramatic. Very well down. Seemed not to take too much license with real event, even with the Rugby results which is rare for "based on a true story" movies and sports movies of all kinds.