Wednesday, June 30


Now every homeowner will be wanting their own cell tower. ~ ars technica

It would be to my liking if all college graduations went a bit faster -- perhaps trying to keep up with Fuller Seminary. ~ link

But, what's with that cord thingy hanging from the side of Cisco's new Android office tablet -- Cius? ~ ars technica

The external thermometer in the car this afternoon said 115°. Yesterday it was 118°. The hotter it gets outside the more tire blow-outs there are. ~ ABC15

Governor Brewer is spinning yet another yarn about illegal immigrants. This time she is claiming that they are being beheaded in the desert. None of the medical examiners are aware of such a crime. But it is an election year and the gov is appealing to the Fox News crowd, which tends to get pumped up by sensationalized stories. ~ AZ Central

University of Arizona study: border fence interferes with wildlife migration. ~ link

We're catching up to the Europeans. 41% of the US births in 2008 were to unmarried mothers. ~ Pew Research

The Swedish Furniture Name Generator is one of those apps which makes the internet so valuable. ~ link (via)

Are we back at the brink of depression? Well, we all know whose fault it is. ~ Global Post

"Finland has become the first country in the world to make broadband a legal right for every citizen." ~ BBC News

"Chinese Companies Rent White Foreigners." A few weeks ago I asked my 20-something nephew about his new business position in Shanghai. His response, "I am pretty sure being white is the primary job skill I will be utilizing in my new job." ~ Slashdot

"According to Gunnar Samuelsson of Gothenburg University, the story of Jesus' execution is based on Christian traditions and artistic illustrations, not antique texts, according to a recently published doctoral thesis entitled 'Crucifixion in Antiquity - An Inquiry into the Background of the New Testament Terminology of Crucifixion'". He claims that Jesus may not have have been crucified because there is "no evidence to indicate that the Romans crucified prisoners 2,000 years ago." The Local

You have to be pretty talented to pull this off (I do love German humor!):

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