Saturday, June 12


The end of an era -- the Mesa Citrus Growers Association is closing the Valley's last citrus processing plant. With the housing bust and all the related chaos, maybe restarting the citrus industry would be a good idea. Portions of Detroit are being reclaimed for agriculture. It could happen in Phoenix, too. ~ link

I was experimenting with Word 2010 (beta) because I was having trouble editing a work related form, created in Word, in any other word processor. Today I discovered that Open Office 3.2 actually handles that quirky Word form better than Word. I just saved a chunk of change I would have had to shell out when the beta expires.

Seth on Lula's logic ~ link

I'm not suggesting that it is alright to be in the United States illegally or that it is acceptable to use forged immigration papers. But you do have to wonder about the wisdom of the sheriff (whose primary mandate has nothing to do with enforcing federal immigration law) spending so much time, money, and energy busting bus boys when there are drug cartels and kidnappers to track down. Today the deputies raided two Sizzler Steakhouses and arrested nine people, following a year-long investigation. ~ AZCentral

Of course it is pretty easy to yank biblical passages from their context. But this one, which came up as a part of the Moravian Daily Text today, reflects God's general disposition and passion when it comes to aliens and outsiders. "When a foreigner lives with you in your land, don't take advantage of him. Treat the foreigner the same as a native. Love him like one of your own. Remember that you were once foreigners in Egypt. I am God, your God." ~ Leviticus 190:34-35 (The Message)

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