Friday, July 2


"Rightwing 'Tea Partier', talk show host, calls for the waste of federal tax dollars..." by filing false claims against the BP fund. Besides being unethical it is illogical. ~

The Guam Legislature voted Friday to raise the island’s drinking age to 21 from 18, according to a legislative spokesman." This is a healthy response to the research which shows that alcohol consumption causes brain damage in people below the age of 21. ~ Stars and Stripes

I noticed today that my YouTube video with the most "views" is one I took of the Chuukesse students singing in Chuukese during a PIBC chapel two years ago. There have been 18,488 views. Love those guys -- and their voices. I'm looking forward to the Voices of Micronesia as they do a concert here on July 13th.
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