Saturday, July 24


Sometimes going on vacation is more drama than its worth. ~ KTAR

Swedish Covenant family celebrates 100 years in Alaska ~ KTUU

It is monsoon season in all of Arizona -- except Laveen. The storms regularly skirt our area. Perhaps it has to do with where we sit in relation to the mountains.

Shrinking American middle class ~ Yahoo

The economic and social ripple effects of SB 1070. (Considering the number of Border Patrol agents that man the crossings from Arizona into California, it may not be the wisest thing to go that direction if you are undocumented.) ~ LA Times

Benny Hinn + Paula White are apparently an item. It is just so hard for ordinary people to understand that these religious soap operas and the highly visible actors really have little to do with Jesus or evangelical Christianity. They are to Christianity what the WWE is to the sport of wrestling. ~ Toronto Star
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