Thursday, July 29


Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny turns 70 ~ Neatorama

Doctors without Borders is using inflatable tent structures as fully functioning hospitals. Given the constant level of remodeling that goes on in hospitals, is there a compelling reason why we shouldn't consider using temporary structures on a more permanent basis? That is, if we can get the job done in a pleasant environment, why not make a lot more use of inflatables as clinics, church gathering points, schools, government offices, etc. in lieu of stick or block construction? ~ Fast Company

A NY judge says that while saggy pants may be foolish, they are not illegal. Isn't there some kind of public safety law? These guys can barely walk in them. I suppose that puts them in the same category as high heels -- which should probably be banned, too. ~ ABC 15

Americans tend to be partial to white and black clothing. ~ WSJ

Mexico, which itself has an extremely poor record when it comes to the humane treatment of immigrants, is rejoicing at the Arizona judge's temporary injunction against SB 1070. ~ link

Hector Tobar:
...Most Americans back the notion that we should give most illegal immigrants a path to citizenship — a whopping 81% of Americans, according to a CNN poll released Wednesday.

And yet, the same poll shows a majority of Americans — 55%— backed the Arizona immigration law.

It seems to me that Americans are of two minds about the immigration question. They like the immigrants they know personally and are willing to extend this generosity of spirit to many of those who've entered the country illegally. At the same time, they believe the United States is a country of laws and want a system where those laws are respected.

But I'm certain it's only a small minority of Americans that truly believes, as one reader put it to me, that illegal immigrants are an "invading criminal army" bent on destroying America. Unfortunately, that minority put its stamp on SB 1070 — even though stats show crime is actually down in Arizona in recent years and numerous studies show that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than the native-born....
Our latest MasterPiece Church Brushstrokes e-letter is now online.

Zondervan is offering a "free one-year subscription to The City," their church software. "All we ask is a nominal $349 setup fee..." Wow, that may be a bargin for what you get. But in my understanding of the word, $349 more than cancels out the word "free." ~ link

Yes, I agree. A liberal arts college education makes very good sense. ~ link

Amish population boom -- "A new Amish settlement is being created at a rate of once every three weeks." ~ Neatorama

Bizarre fraud -- "Tokyo's 'oldest man' had been dead for 30 years" ~ BBC
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