Sunday, July 18

Servant's Prayer

I came across this rich worship song by Cathy Pino. It can also be found on the Songs of Worship, Vol 1.

Lord, it’s you who has brought me to this day
Who has carried and kept me in your care
I look back and I see you in all my years
And so forward I go, knowing you are there
May each word from my lips be a song of good news
Every touch of my hand be a gift of grace
Every beat of my heart be a prayer to you
And the sum of my days be a life of praise

May my feet never stumble and never stray
Nor grow weary upon this rocky road
For the path I am on is a narrow way
But I know you are with me so on I go


May my eyes ever fixed on your kingdom be
As my heart ever longs for the joy to come
For my hope is in things that I cannot see
But because of your promise I press on


Christ before me to guide me on my way
Christ beside me so I am not alone
Christ within me to give me words to say
Christ behind me to bring the harvest home

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