Wednesday, August 4

Ag Report

Last week's brief respite is over. The 111° weather is back -- and some of the plants in the yard won't make it to fall. I took one dead citrus tree back to Costco today for a refund. Because they are so young many of the plants and trees easily fatigue in the extreme heat and when the dry winds suck all the moisture out of the leaves. However, there are some surprises out there:

The jujubee tree (Chinese date) has actually started to bloom. Likewise with one of the calamansi trees.

The large banana tree, which lost its crown to sunburn, is showing signs of life where I trimmed it back and actually has a puppy coming up from the roots!

The mango tree, which I have had to protect from sunburn, is now producing new leaves.

There are four pineapples in dirt -- all of which are doing okay.

However, the "pineapple guava" has lost all of its leaves and may not make it. I have a Mexican guava coming up from seed in the house. I'll wait awhile before I move it outside.

The passion fruit vine has fried on the wall. I'm still watering it and hoping that new growth will pop once things cool down.

Most of the tomatoes are long gone but one of the bushes I thought dead actually has new leaves.

If we can hold things together until the beginning of September I think we'll be okay.

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