Thursday, August 19


It's been awhile since I've been hooked by a television show. But this is the one I'm having trouble getting enough of. I'm still watching the early episodes so I don't know how the more recent shows have gone -- although the YouTube clip above is from this year.

The numbers are up. Now 20% of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim. We're so gullible. We could probably make up a story about how the president is an illegal alien from Mexico, with ties to the drug cartels, and 10% of the people would buy it. After all he is soft on immigration. That's a fact! I know because I heard it straight from our governor and our senator. And they're both straight shooters -- shooting straight from the hips. ~ Washington Post

France's unending conflict with Romas. It's not just Arizona which creates goofy knee-jerk policies to deal with immigrants. ~ Fox News

There are only three operational ambulances for the civilian sector of Guam these days (the military has their own ambulance service to cover their people and bases). The island has a popluation of about 170,000. ~ PNC

The Mexican Board of Tourism isn't going to like this article. You can understand why people are fleeing. ~ WSJ

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