Tuesday, September 7


 Brain 'rust' a cause of Alzheimer's Disease -- "An imbalance in the metals needed for healthy brain function has been found at the root of the degenerative disease which afflicts 10 per cent of people aged over 60." ~ link

 This has been one of the hotest summers on record in Phoenix. It's not that the daytime highs are above average but that the night time lows are averaging 3° above normal. ~ KTAR

 The rise of Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD):
...The narcissist’s insatiable quest for attention (what Vaknin was the first to describe as “narcissistic supply”), leads him or her to seek out a steady source of admiration. Where that is in short supply, the narcissist prefers to inspire fear or hatred than suffer the nightmare of being ignored. And unable to empathise, they are indifferent to the consequences of hurting people... ~ FT (via)
 An Irishman's reflections on Americans ~ link

 Steve Martin's YouTube "Atheist Song - First hymnal for Atheists" -- entertaining ~ link

 Why are we so unconvinced of the value of these government initiated stimulus plans? It just seems that the last dose of stimulation didn't do so much. I'm all for infra-structure improvements but the root of the problem is located in the housing sector. The "stimulus" is all going toward roads and railroads. I'm not catching the logic. ~ link

 Previously unseen color film footage of London during the Blitz in WWII ~ BBC

 Design with Intent -- patterns for influencing behavior through deisgn ~ link (via)

  I'm still remembering how great the roast beef on giant croissant roll was yesterday. I'm so glad that there is at least one Lee's Sandwich store in Arizona. The Irish guy is right, we do like food. ~ link
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