Saturday, September 18


"Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are leading a global decline in new HIV infections, the UN has said." ~ BBC

Roger Olson: For some the Trinity is Father, Son and Holy Bible... He nails it.
I believe in the Bible as God’s Word BECAUSE I believe I encounter Jesus there and am taught by him there. For me it is the Book of Jesus. That means it is extremely important, necessary, valuable, indispensable, but not alongside of or even in the same category (being-wise) as Jesus himself. It is the unique written witness to Jesus and THEREFORE the book of the church. 
I suspect this upsets some evangelicals because, even perhaps unconsciously, they believe in Jesus only because and insofar as the Bible contains him. In other words, functionally, the Bible is above Jesus. 
The implications of these two approaches for hermeneutics are immense. My view requires Christological hermeneutics. The other view tends to lead to having to interpret everything the Bible says as as literally true as possible without exception or qualification. When conservatives talk about progressive revelation I suspect they are borrowing from my view even as they deny it in most of what they say about the Bible and how they perform it. ~ link
"Dance Your PhD" -- Scientists from around the world have created dance videos based on their graduate research ~ link

Leonard Sweet talking about the nudge approach to evangelism in interview. ~ link

Ruth Gledhill: "How many people knew that the Popemobile has a top speed of 160 mph for emergencies?" If they ever got above 25 mph it would be the fastest that the Roman Catholic Church had ever gone. ~ link

Arizona uses rubberized asphalt to reduce road noise. In order to apply the asphat over the cement base the surface needs to be between 85° and 145°. That means they can only do this work in the spring and fall. In the winter the road surfaces get too cold and in the summer they get too hot. ~ ADOT

The island cops all stick together and know how to have a little fun. Guam PD singing the Hawaii Five-O song -- led by the chief. (Actually, I think they're rather be singing Guam Five-1.)

If I weren't so distracted I'd head to DC for the competing October 30th marches on the National Mall -- "March to Keep Fear Alive" led by Stephen Colbert and the "Rally to Restore Sanity" led by Jon Stewart. The permit application says they expect 25,000 people but I'm thinking that it could easily be 100x that. ~ link

"Stewart-Colbert Rally: Could There Be Long-Term Political Implications?" ~ Time Newsfeed

"More than one out of five Arizonans live in poverty, a figure higher than anywhere else in the nation except for Mississippi." ~ link

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